"All agents are not created equal" when it comes to negotiating purchase contracts for commercial and multifamily properties. Having the right broker representing you means significant savings on your purchase. We understand the buying process and all obstacles that come with it. We know how to negotiate the best possible purchase price and structure reasonable and attainable escrow terms; we carefully examine the due-diligence material and help you navigate through the typical challenges and pitfalls during the escrow period. Upon closing, we continue to provide you with exceptional post-sale services including transferring management, utilities, notifying tenants and organizing the paperwork for your newly acquired property.


There comes a time when it makes sense to sell your income property, whether it's to dissolve a partnership, exchange for a less-management property, or simply cash out and call it quits. Listing an occupied property on the market is not an easy task; it requires a great deal of commitment and patience by the seller and the occupants. Unless you have a competent agent on your side, it could turn into a nightmare. We carefully package the property to be sold quickly and at a good price. We provide buyers with marketing and due-diligence material that describes the current condition of the property and its future potential. We vet buyers carefully and in great detail before accepting their offers, underwrite the financials to avoid disapproval by lenders, and control the escrow process, contract terms and deadlines. We make every effort to avoid having the property fall out of escrow, and will stick by you every step of the way until the closing and disbursement of funds.


It takes a lot more than hanging a "For Lease" sign on a building and advertising it online to get a property leased. Unlike residential leasing, commercial leasing requires a great amount of creativity, insight, and foresight. Commercial leases can last for decades; what you sign for today will affect your property value for many years. It takes a substantial amount of knowledge and experience from your agent to solicit a quality tenant and negotiate optimal lease terms. We are extremely selective when it comes to choosing properties that we list for lease. We focus on a select handful of lease-listings to ensure that we are providing superior service to our clients.


Our management strategies suit the diverse needs and concerns of our clients, whether they are high net-worth investors, institutional ownership, developers or local landlords. We evaluate the performance of each client's properties and strive to deliver financial success. With a strong management company, you can enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without enduring the headaches and obstacles that may accompany the management of your investment. In order to ensure quality focus on each property management project, we are highly selective in choosing which properties we manage. We typically only manage properties that are easily accessible from our offices, because we believe in being totally hands-on.  


When an investment property is listed on the market and presented to buyers on a silver platter with all the bells and whistles — fully leased, fixed-up and with a stabilized income stream — rest assured the seller has already taken most of the profits. Shrewd investors buy properties that are distressed, either because of their dilapidated state, high vacancy or troubled ownership.  Value-add deals are not for everyone; they are typically all-cash transactions and short escrow with minimal due diligence. Many of our clients are currently enjoying returns that are significantly above market from value-add projects that we have assisted in completing. 


Owners of commercial real estate are not too fond of listing their property on the open market. Announcing to the world that their property is up for sale creates an avalanche of inquiries and speculations, from their neighbors to their mother in-law. The truth is that most sellers would rather sell their property off-market, as they are not interested in entertaining every Tom, Dick and Harry with an interest in the property. If you are an owner of investment property who is considering selling but not wanting to list it on the market, let us know — we might have the right buyer for you. Meanwhile, if you are a buyer who is looking for off-market deals, call us because we might have the right property for you.  


  • Broker Price Opinion (BPO) 

  • Lease negotiation and preparations

  • Distressed property consulting 

  • Feasibility studies 

  • IRR and NPV analysis  

  • Selling vs. holding

  • Sale-lease back analysis 

  • 1031 Exchange 

  • Site selection and analysis